Oregon Mediation & Dispute Services: Helping People Reach Agreement

Pat Vallerand, JD | Attorney-​​Mediator & Dispute Resolution Specialist

Pat Vallerand offers a con­tin­uum of medi­a­tion and other Dispute Resolution ser­vices, along with related legal, con­sult­ing and facil­i­ta­tive ser­vices to indi­vid­u­als, busi­nesses and orga­ni­za­tions.  Clients can choose the level and type of ser­vices they need which empow­ers them to learn how to make their own deci­sions and take con­trol of their own process. Pat is expe­ri­enced, knowl­edge­able, cre­ative and com­pas­sion­ately com­mit­ted to help­ing peo­ple resolve con­flict and reach agree­ment in a way that fits their indi­vid­ual needs and leads to main­tain­ing and/​or build­ing pos­i­tive relationships.

iStock_000008227360XSmallAreas of Specialty


  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Issues related to domes­tic part­ner­ships and same sex relationships
  • Custody and par­ent­ing time
  • High con­flict families
  • Adoption
  • Elder and dis­abled care issues
  • Probate includ­ing Will dis­putes, guardian­ships and conservatorships
  • Workplace issues includ­ing supervisor/​employee dis­putes, employee/​employee dis­putes, and EEOC, OSHA and other employ­ment matters
  • Organizational struc­ture and process with an empha­sis on non profit enti­ties and boards
  • Business con­tracts and rela­tion­ships includ­ing part­ner­ship dis­putes and con­sumer complaints

iStock_000020195454XSmallTypes of Services Provided


While our pri­mary ser­vices are Mediation and Facilitation and sim­i­lar ser­vices, each client is unique and has dis­tinc­tive needs which require dif­fer­ent approaches to resolv­ing the legal and other con­flict issues he or she is fac­ing. To that end, Oregon Mediation & Dispute Services pro­vides a con­tin­uum of options for help­ing clients address their legal prob­lems that allow the client to be the pri­mary dri­ver in the process and/​or to rep­re­sent them­selves in the court sys­tem. All Services

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