Apologies May Fuel Settlement of Legal Disputes

Apologies may be good for more than just the soul, according to research by a University of Illinois professor of law and of psychology.

Jennifer Robbennolt says her studies show that apologies can potentially help resolve legal disputes ranging from injury cases to wrongful firings, giving wounded parties a sense of justice and satisfaction that promotes settlements and trims demands for damages.

“Conventional wisdom has been to avoid apologies because they amount to an admission of guilt that can be damaging to defendants in court,” she said. “But the studies suggest apologies can actually play a positive role in settling legal cases.”

Excerpted from ScienceDaily.com. Read the full article here.

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  1. Pat Vallerand says:

    Yes Novha. But more and more states are also offering mediation as an option. Some courts, like Lane County Oregon, also offer classes for divorcing parents on how to make the process less difficult for children. They are offered at a very low price and free to low income couples.

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