Information About State Laws

The Oregon State Bar Association has a large array of information for consumers about various areas of law, as well as about mediation. This site provides downloadable brochures on everything from divorce and gay and lesbian rights to how to set up a business entity. provides information about laws in other states as well as Oregon.

Oregon Legal Help is a site that is maintained by Legal Aid offices in Oregon with links to a variety of information on legal rights and remedies in Oregon.

Information About Mediation is a good resource for finding articles, videos, DVD’s, etc. written by mediators for the professionals and the public about mediation and other dispute resolution processes.

The Oregon Mediation Association is a non profit organization setting voluntary standards for private mediators. This site includes information for consumers about how to select a competent mediator.

The State of Oregon Department of Justice has information on using Dispute Resolution alternatives when you have a dispute with a state agency.

Information About Divorce

DivorceOnline provides information about divorce laws and procedures in other states.

Pension Appraisers is a site with information about how retirement plans are valued and divided in divorces.

The Oregon Judicial Department has a number of resources available to help the public navigate the legal process of divorce and related court proceedings.

To determine the value of real property being divided in a divorce, start with the tax assessor’s fair market value. For Lane County, Oregon click here.

Information About Other Family Issues

The AARP has excellent resources for families dealing with issues such as Grandparents raising Grandchildren, Caretaking of Elder family members, Financial planning, etc.

Information for Businesses and Organizations

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has information on state and federal laws pertaining to the workplace, including issues concerning discrimination and harassment, and other work environment issues.

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon is a non profit that provides information, training and advice to other non profit organizations in the state of Oregon.

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