Mediation is a process in which an impar­tial third party (medi­a­tor) helps par­ties in con­flict find their own work­able, prac­ti­cal and effec­tive solu­tions. The medi­a­tor directs the process and pro­vides an envi­ron­ment and tools whereby those solu­tions and agree­ments can be reached by the par­ties, not the medi­a­tor. Because the par­ties for­mu­late the solu­tion, rather than hav­ing some­one dic­tate one, the result is much more sat­is­fy­ing and usu­ally works bet­ter.  More infor­ma­tion on Mediation



Arbitration is a pri­vate hear­ing or trial. The par­ties agree to hire a pri­vate deci­sion maker. The arbi­tra­tor hears tes­ti­mony and reviews other doc­u­ments pre­sented by each side and then reaches a deci­sion.  Read about Aribitration




Facilitation usu­ally is used for large groups, orga­ni­za­tions or busi­nesses. The facil­i­ta­tor helps the group focus on iden­ti­fy­ing and solv­ing prob­lems, issues, or plans for future devel­op­ment or projects of the group. There may be one or more groups, orga­ni­za­tions or busi­nesses involved in a facil­i­ta­tion. Read more


iStock_000015274873XSmallEvaluation & Investigation Services

Evaluation and inves­ti­ga­tion ser­vices involve the con­flict pro­fes­sional review­ing dif­fer­ent data and mak­ing a writ­ten or oral analy­sis and rec­om­men­da­tion to one or more par­ties to a con­flict.  More on Evaluation & Investigation Services



iStock_000006331192XSmallConsulting, Including Document Preparation and/​or Review

Some clients, for rea­sons of cost or oth­er­wise, may decide that they want to han­dle their own divorces or sim­i­lar mat­ters, but still need advice about what their options are or whether they have missed an impor­tant ele­ment that they need to cover.  Or clients may already have ten­ta­tively reached agree­ments but want to use self help options for fil­ing paper­work for their divorce or for con­tracts and/​or other agree­ments.  Understanding what doc­u­ments you need and how to pre­pare them can be daunt­ing for the do it your selfer.  For exam­ple, there are a num­ber of forms to select and com­plete to final­ize a divorce or a dis­so­lu­tion of domes­tic part­ner­ship, and using the wrong forms or not com­plet­ing them prop­erly can lead to sig­nif­i­cant legal prob­lems in the future.  Having them reviewed or pre­pared by us can help you avoid those problems.


In the courtCoaching and Court Preparation

Sometimes, even with the best of inten­tions, you may end up hav­ing to pre­pare for a court or a sim­i­lar hear­ing.  You may decide that for what­ever rea­son you do not want to hire or can­not afford the costs for an attor­ney to pre­pare your case and appear with you in court.  While we do not rep­re­sent par­ties in adver­sar­ial pro­ceed­ings in court, we do offer assis­tance and coach­ing in what you need to do to be fully pre­pared to rep­re­sent your­self and to know what to expect in those settings.

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