Evaluation & Investigation Services

iStock_000015274873XSmallEvaluation and investigation services involve the conflict professional reviewing different data and making a written or oral analysis and recommendation to one or more parties to a conflict.

One example is a situation where the parties had a divorce document that stated that their marital home was to be sold when a specific event was to occur and outlined how the proceeds were to be split between them.  However, the language was open to two or more interpretations.  The parties and their attorneys decided to hire a neutral third party to review the language and, based on her experience, give a written opinion of how a court would rule if they were to file suit.  This helped them reach a negotiated settlement.

In a more involved situation, such as a claim of sexual harassment in a work situation, the neutral professional would interview a number of witnesses as well as the complaining employee and the employee(s) against whom the complaints were made, and provide the employer with a written evaluation and analysis of what outcome they might expect if the matter were to proceed to court.  Again, this would help the parties negotiate a settlement without the added time and expense of court litigation.

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